About Us

We see you are curious...so here is a little background information

  • The Revolution

    We wanted to revoluntionize the way college students bought and sold their housing contracts and textbooks. Being students ourselves, we know how difficult it can be and how much money can be lost during this process. In order to get the most efficiency out of it, we created a website specialized for only college students. This makes it 10x more easy to buy/sell your items because the only traffic that comes here, are those who need student related supplies!

  • How It Began

    In mid 2015, the owner of the website lost over $800 due to the fact that he could not sell his housing contract before he got married. Along with losing plenty of money with low buyback prices for textbooks, he decided to do something about it. He dedicated countless hours to learn how to program and began working on a website to help other students.

  • The Creation

    Near the start of January 2016, Sam, a BYU college student, started to get motivation in building the website and setting the foundation upon which to build it. With help from a couple others, he was able to begin coding and designing the website. The concept of the website was to remain simple but effective in its processes, and it was on its way to being so.

  • The Foundation

    Chapinka was officially launched and founded on June 7, 2016. Since then, the free website service for college students has been growing at a steady rate, expanding in size weekly. With the simplicity of the website in selling and buying, this is by far the easiet way you can sell and buy while earning and saving money!

  • Sell, Buy
    & Save