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Reach thousands of potential tenants/customers monthly by advertising on Chapinka! We are constantly growing and with over 17.1k page views in February 2017 alone, you'll be able to fill your vacancies and spread your name!


Get your complex/product out there and make it known! The more students and tenants that view and see what your environment and community is like, the more likely they are to switch contracts for the upcoming semester!


By advertising you have a chance to draw more traffic to your product's or complexe's website and reel in more buyers. This gives them a chance to browse and see which options are available and view housing types.


We currently offer 6 methods to choose from in order to advertise your product. Separated into two tiers based on pricing and potential reaching capacity, choose what works best for your needs.

Please select which option you'd like to advertise with using our service.

Tier 1

Ad Type 1


  • Type: Image
  • Billed: Monthly
  • Size: 728px by 90px

Ad Type 2

$19.99 / $24.99

  • Type: Image/Gif
  • Billed: Monthly
  • Size: 300px by 250px

Ad Type 3


  • Type: Gif
  • Billed: Monthly
  • Size: 728px by 90px

Ad Type 4


  • Type: Video
  • Billed: Monthly
  • Size: 728px by 90px

Tier 2

Ad Type 5


  • Type: Front Page Carousel
  • Billed: Monthly
  • Size: 1900px by 840px

Ad Type 6


  • Type: Chapinka Update Email
  • Billed: Per Update Email
  • Size: Variable

*Update emails are sent 1-2 times per month to all members notifying them of new posts and features.


We would like to keep ads on Chapinka specialized towards college students and helping them receive the best deals. Use the payment links above to purchase ad space.